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Silk Line, Soft Denture Relining Material

Silk Line, Soft Denture Relining Material

J. Morita


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Silk Line

Silk Line is a long-lasting, soft denture relining material based on addition-curing vinyl silicones. Silk Line is indicated for use with all polymethylmethacrylate-based synthetics. Delivered in an auto-mix cartridge, Silk Line allows quick and easy chairside soft relines, in addition to being indispensable in the dental laboratory.
Silk Line relieves pressure areas and sore spots in the upper and lower jaws. It also improves retention by creating a functional post-dam and adapts well even to flabby ridges. At the same
time, sharp-ridged alveolar processes are elastically covered, and increased retention and stability improve the occlusion of full upper and lower dentures. Used in conjunction with overdentures during the healing process, Silk Line is also suitable for cushioning implants.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto-mix cartridge permits direct application to denture base
  • Unique primer enhances durability
  • Composition allows easy trimming and polishing
  • Relines can withstand wear up to two years
  • Chairside use is convenient for patients
  • Absence of odor and taste increases patient satisfaction
  • May also be used in a dental laboratory

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