What is PracticePulse?

Direct Mailing Advertisments

PracticePulse provides customized promotional postcards designed to foster brand recognition and encourage new patient acquisition. Exclusively available to our valued Supply Doc customers, this service adds substantial value to your supply purchases, presenting a hassle-free marketing strategy.

Whether your goal is attracting new patients or retaining existing ones, PracticePulse is dedicated to ensuring the success of your practice.

What's Included?

Customized Design

Our expert team will craft eye-catching promotional postcards tailored to your practice, ensuring consistent brand recognition and effective promotional advertising that converts to booked appointments.

Print & Direct Mail

We print in-house and ship directly to zip codes in your immediate area every month, offering a cost-effective means to reach a wider audience.

Custom Design

Your Practice, Your Style, Your Impact.

Customize your advertisements with Supply Doc's PracticePulse Portal. Simply share your promotional ideas, and we handle the rest! Select your design from a range of templates, customize with your preferred theme, colors, and effortlessly upload your logo directly on our website. Enjoy a hassle-free process with no setup fees or design charges.

Sample Templates


Reach New Patients

New Patient Acquisition

Unlock a steady stream of new patient prospects with our targeted lead sourcing strategy. We will identify and connect you with locals in your area.

Targeted Offers

If you're offering new services, opening a new location, or looking to promote treatments, PracticePulse can help you send postcards to the right customers.

USPS Every Door Delivery

We print in-house and ship directly to zip codes in your area, offering a cost-effective means to reach a wider audience.

Your Neighborhood

Mail is targeted to a 1-5 mile radius around your location.

Eligibility Tiers

Eligibility is based on your monthly spend on supplies. This is a complementary service, you will only pay for postage. Commit to the PracticePulse program for a trial period of three months and unlock exclusive access to success-driven marketing solutions.

Silver Tier

Minimum Monthly Spend:

$1000 - $2000


Prints Per Month

Ideal for emerging dental practices seeking to boost their local presence, the Silver Tier offers an affordable way to start a print marketing campaign. Enhance patient awareness with quality prints that make a lasting impression.

Gold Tier

Minimum Monthly Spend:

$2000 - $3000


Prints Per Month

Step up your marketing game with the Gold Tier, perfect for growing practices looking to expand their patient base. Double your reach with a larger volume of prints, ensuring your message resonates with a wider audience.

Platinum Tier

Minimum Monthly Spend:

$3000 +


Prints Per Month

For established dental offices aiming for maximum impact, the Platinum Tier offers an extensive print solution. Elevate your brand with a high volume of eye-catching prints, ensuring your practice stands out in a competitive market.


Full-Circle Partnership

Discover a true partnership with Supply Doc – more than just suppliers, we're your allies in dentistry. Beyond delivering essential supplies, we reinvest the profits from your orders into the growth of your patient base. Opting for Supply Doc as your primary supplier means gaining a comprehensive solution for all your business needs.

Experience the convenience of quality supplies, cost-effective marketing services, and continuing education, all under one roof. Choose Supply Doc as your ally in success, where partnership is the key to your thriving practice.