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TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HEX-B-45 (4-hole) without Light

TwinPower Turbine PAR-4HEX-B-45 (4-hole) without Light

J. Morita


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The TwinPower Turbine 45 Basic offers several unique features of the original 45° handpiece, above and beyond those in its class. The head is smaller than competitive units and provides maximum access and visibility. Rear facing exhaust vents direct air flow away from the surgical site for patient protection. With zero suck back in the air line, TwinPower provides excellent contamination control, especially in important surgical procedures. Its double impeller rotor design delivers 20 watts of power with constant torque and controlled speed, even under high load conditions. The head height is 13.2 mm with a diameter of 10.5 mm and a 4-hole (fixed) connection, and rapid braking within 2 seconds

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum access & visibility with a compact, 45° head
  • Rear-facing exhaust vents
  • High torque; up to 20 watts of power
  • Quiet & long-lasting ceramic ball bearings
  • Chrome body
  • Rapid braking within 2 seconds
  • Double-impeller technology, unique to product line
  • 4-hole (fixed) connection

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