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TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HEX-B (4-hole) without Light

TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HEX-B (4-hole) without Light

J. Morita


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The TwinPower Turbine Basic offers the same cutting efficiency as the TwinPower Turbine standard head. Its doiuble-impellor rotor design produces up to 22 watts of power. A pressurized air system prevents suck back in the air line resulting in a superior infection control. A unique rubber brake ring design stops the turbine within 2 seconds, allowing for safer and more efficient preparations. The body of the handpiece is chrome and comes with a convennient push button chuck. Lightweight, at just 45 grams, it also helps reduce operator fatigue. It has ceramic bears and a 4-hole connection with a head diameter of 10.5 mm and head height of 13.2 mm.

Features and Benefits

  • Double-impeller technology
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Quiet operation

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