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SureEtch Gel (5ml), 12 Tips (20 gauge),

SureEtch Gel (5ml), 12 Tips (20 gauge),

Danville Material


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Cem EZ adhesive resin cement utilizes Zest's innovative, patent-pending IntelliTek Technology. Cem EZ provides the ideal combination of exceptional bond strength, and with IntelliTek Technology, delivers long-term color stability, and universal compatibility with modern, more acidic adhesive systems.

Starter Kit: 3 x 5 g Syringes (Translucent, Warm, White Opaque), 24 Automix Tips, 5 ml Sure Etch Gel, 12 Etch Tips, 5 ml Prelude One, 5 ml S-Bond, 40 Applicator Brushes, Mixing Well

Refill: 2 x 5 g Syringes, 16 Automix Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Color stable
  • Confidence in longevity of restoration
  • High bond strengths with indirect restorative materials

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