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Super-Snap X-Treme Mini Polishing - 50/pkg

Super-Snap X-Treme Mini Polishing - 50/pkg



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?New Red SuperFine X-Treme disk with an advanced 3D technology provides X-Treme gloss results?3D semispherical shaped grits allow space to discharge ground debris while polishing, helping to reduce clogging and secondary scratches?X-Tra thickness to allow greater force while polishing, providing added flexibility, durability and tactile feel?Maintains a smooth polishing disk surface?Achieves X-Treme gloss levels with X-Tremely low surface roughness?Meets aesthetic expectation of patients today?2 sizes, double sided disposable aluminum oxide disks ? standard 12mm and mini 8mm?Can be used in conjunction with other Super-Snap refill disks

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