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Super-Snap Polishing/Super-Polishing Polystrips - 100/pkg

Super-Snap Polishing/Super-Polishing Polystrips - 100/pkg



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Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all microfilled and hybrid composites. The elastic silicone shank mount allows for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel. They are manufactured without a metal center.


Rainbow Technique Kit: 100 Standard Disks, 80 Mini Disks, 40 Polystrips, 2 Dura-White Stones (CN1 and FL2), CompoSite Fine Midi-Point, 4 CA Metal Mandrels

Features and Benefits

  • Very flexible
  • Ultra-thin disks allow easy access to interproximal areas
  • Grits are silicon carbide and aluminum oxide

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