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StatusBlue Automix Tips (Bag of 25)

StatusBlue Automix Tips (Bag of 25)

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StatusBlue is an efficient, clean and stable alginate alternative supplied in convenient 50 ml cartridges for Type 50 automix guns. StatusBlue's A-silicone formula makes it quick and easy to take situation impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models and opposing jaw models. StatusBlue is 100% dust free and can be cold disinfected, allowing for clean and safe impression taking as well as delayed pouring, or repouring of impressions.

Automix Package: 8 x 50 ml Cartridge, 16 Automix Tips

MixStar Package: 380 ml Cartridge, 10 MixStar Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely flowable under pressure to capture excellent detail
  • Dimensionally stable - Allows quick, distortion-free removal from dental devices and is repourable/reusable
  • Low shore hardness makes it soft, dimensionally stable and patient-friendly

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