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Aura eASY

Aura eASY

SDI-Southern Dental


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Aura eASY has a 3 mm depth of cure, high compressive and flexural strengths and the benefits of the proprietary low-shrinkage resin to offset marginal stress. Its unique blend of filler and resin work in harmony to deliver the strength and aesthetics needed to provide long-lasting restorations.

Syringe Kit: 4 g Syringe of each Ae1, Ae2, Ae3, Ae4

Complet Kit: 20 x 0.25 g Compules of each Ae1, Ae2, Ae3, Ae4

Features and Benefits

  • Increased wear resistance and strength
  • Smooth high gloss finish every time
  • No slumping and holds its shape

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