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Smartmix Mixing Tips (Bag of 50)

Smartmix Mixing Tips (Bag of 50)

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TempoCem is a zinc oxide, eugenol temporary cement designed for use with all types of provisionals. The presence of eugenol provides a "sedative" effect on the pulp. It is easy to use and place during cementation of the temporary with a 1 minute working time and 4 minute complete setting time intra-orally.The Smartmix syringe is self-contained with no dispensing gun necessary. The compact size makes it convenient and economical for dental practices with multiple operatories. The presence of eugenol provides a desensitizing effect on tooth.

Kit: 2 x 5 ml Syringes, 10 Smartmix Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Zinc oxide eugenol chemistry
  • Offers optimally adjusted adhesion
  • Securely retains the restoration and maintains patient omfort
  • Increases stability of cement in the mouth

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