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Sensibles Deluxe Starter Kit

Sensibles Deluxe Starter Kit

Flow Dental


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Sensibles are adjustable bite blocks that holds most sensors in the anterior, posterior and Bite-Wing positions. They with a simple push of a button and a quick reposition of the sensor. Sensibles' aiming rings and alignment arms provide for super-accurate x-rays.

Deluxe Starter Kit: 4 Large and 8 Medium Bite Blocks, Positioning Arms (2 Anterior, 2 Posterior), Aiming Rings (2 Anterior, 2 Posterior), 50 Comfees Deluxe Sensor Sleeves

Econo Starter Kit: 2 Large and 2 Medium Bite Blocks, Positioning Arms (1 Anterior, 1 Posterior), Aiming Rings (1 Anterior, 1 Posterior), 25 Comfees Deluxe Sensor Sleeves

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate

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