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Sensible Bite Blocks, 12/Box

Sensible Bite Blocks, 12/Box

Flow Dental


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New and Improved design! Works with any size sensor! New softer corners for a comfortable patient experience! Our patented Ratcheting bite block locks down to form a custom-fit around any size sensor in either the horizontal or vertical position. To remove the sensor, simply press the quick release button. Sensibles also feature a floating bite plane so that you can move the sensor to the mid-line of your x-ray or make room for a shallow palette.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can take Anteriors, Posteriors, and Bite wings all at the same time!
  • Locking bumpers to hold bite block in multiple locations!
  • Sensibles come in 2 sizes; large for most size 1 & 2 sensors in horizontal & vertical positions,      medium for most 0, 1, & 2 sensors in the horizontal position.
  • Available in starter kits or each part may be purchased individually.
  • All parts autoclavable.
  • 12/pkg

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