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Sani ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent

Sani ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent



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SANI ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent is designed to remove organic and inorganic soils such as blood, tissue and protein-rich fluids from flexible and delicate instruments. The enzyme breaks down the organic soils, and the detergent removes them, holding them in suspension and avoiding redepositing on the cleaned surfaces. SANI ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent is highly concentrated, low foaming, phosphate-free, containing rust-inhibiting properties and has a neutral pH.

Features and Benefits

  • Neutral pH
  • Cleans Away Soils to Leave Instruments Moving Freely, Reduces Likelihood of Rust, Tarnish or Corrosion therefore Prolonging Instrument Life
  • Biodegradable and Phosphate-free

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