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SDF Riva Star

SDF Riva Star

SDI-Southern Dental


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Riva Star is a tooth desensitizing agent and cavity cleanser. It contains three powerful components silver, iodide and fluoride. This two step patented procedure minimizes the risk of staining. By applying the potassium iodide solution over the silver fluoride, a silver iodide creamy white precipitate is formed and washed off.


Kit: 10 Step 1 Silver Single Dose Capsules, 10 Step 2 Green Single Dose Capsules, 2 Gingival Barriers, Accessories


Bottle Kit: Step 1 bottle (1.5ml), Step 2 Bottle (3ml)

Features and Benefits

  • Treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity
  • For use in adults over the age of 21

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