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Rapid Bite Blocks Anterior Bite-Blocks (Film & Psp)

Rapid Bite Blocks Anterior Bite-Blocks (Film & Psp)

Flow Dental


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The Rapid system is a color-coded film positioner. The bite blocks feature rounded corners and are flexible for easy loading and unloading.

Parelleling Kit w/ Bite-Wing: 4 Aiming Rings (2 each Anterior/Bite-Wing and Posterior), 4 Indicator Arms (Anterior, 2 Posterior, Bite-Wing), 16 Bite-Blocks (4 Anterior, 8 Posterior, 4 Bite-Wing)

Parelleling Kit without Bitewing: 3 Aiming Rings (Anterior, 2 Posterior), 3 Indicator Arms (Anterior, 2 Posterior, 18 Bite-Blocks (6 Anterior, 12 Posterior)

Bite-Wing Kit: Aiming Ring, Indicator Arm, 4 Bite-Blocks

Features and Benefits

  • Assures correct film/cone alignment
  • Prevents cone cutting
  • Can be used for anterior, posterior and bite-wing

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