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ProEZ AW, 1 Gallon Bottle with 1 oz. Pump

ProEZ AW, 1 Gallon Bottle with 1 oz. Pump

Certol International


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ProEZ AW Quad is a premium non-foaming neutral pH, multienzymatic

detergent. The cleaning action is enhanced by a full range of enzymes needed to dissolve complex soils found on surgical instruments. Protease acts on proteins, amylase acts on carbohydrates, lipase acts on fats, and cellulase acts on the indigestible fiber and biofilm in human soils. The enzyme action is enhanced by penetrating agents, chelating agents improve cleaning action in hard water and a system of anti-corrosive agents.

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated to be non-foaming, to be used in both manual and automated processes
  • Neutral pH
  • Premium formula delivers higher concentrations of enzymes

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