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Mixing Pad (Small), ea., kuraray #904KA

Mixing Pad (Small), ea., kuraray #904KA

Kuraray America


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Clearfil Repair Multi Purpose is a system for repairing all intra-oral restorations. It is simple, fast and a reliable repair of chipped or fractured porcelain, composite resin, or metal oxide restoration.

Multi Purpose Kit: 6 ml K-etchant Gel, 4 ml Multi Purpose Clearfil Ceramic Primer, 5 ml Alloy Primer, 4 g Syringe Clearfil ST Opaquer, 5 ml Surface Coat, Accessories, 2 Brush Tip Handle (black and white), Disposable Brush Tips (50 Normal type/20 Flat type), Mixing Dish, Light Blocking Plate, Paper Pad

Features and Benefits

  • Very high bond strength even to metal oxides
  • No toxic Hydrofluoric Acid needed
  • Long, stable shelf-life (two years from manufacturing)

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