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Luxatemp Fluorescence - A3.5 (1-76gm Cartridge, 15 Automix Tips)

Luxatemp Fluorescence - A3.5 (1-76gm Cartridge, 15 Automix Tips)

DMG America


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Luxatemp Fluorescence makes temporaries look as good as final restorations in all lighting conditions. It has a Bisacryl composition for durable temporary restorations and low shrinkage eliminates the need to remarginate and makes provisionals easy to remove. Its neutral taste and odor with no liquid monomers provide greater patient acceptance. Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in both Automix and Smartmix formulas.

Smartmix: 15 g Syringe, 10 Smartmix Tips

Automix: 76 g Cartridge, 15 Automix Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Produces more lifelike provisionals
  • Strong, abrasion resistant material
  • High hardness prevents wearing down of bridges

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