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LuxaFlow Syringe Tips (Bag of 20)

LuxaFlow Syringe Tips (Bag of 20)

DMG America


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The LuxaFlow System is formulated specifically for use as an add-on resin for Luxatemp and other bisacryl provisional materials. LuxaFlow is ideal for blocking out undercuts and as a solution for enamel defects. It is also effective in creating a seal in the gingival interfaces. So you can use LuxaFlow to fill, build-up or repair almost any bisacryl provisional.

Intro Kit: 4 x 1.5 g Syringe (A1, A2, A3.5, B1), 20 Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Ensures Excellent Compatibility
  • Optimum Flow Characteristics, Allows Ease of Repairing Voids and Margins
  • Highly Polishable
  • Non-Slumping Formula
  • Provides Controlled Working Time and "Cure-On-Demand" Set

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