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LuxaBond Total Etch Intro Kit

LuxaBond Total Etch Intro Kit

DMG America


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LuxaBond Total Etch is a dual-curing adhesive system that provides users with more reliable total bond strength through its easy-to-use application process. Bond with confidence; the pre-bond activator reacts with the adhesives in the tooth, leading to deeper penetration with flexible working time and a stronger bond.

Intro Kit: 5 ml Pre-Bond , 5 ml Bond A, 5 ml Bond B, 2 ml Syringe Etch Gel Medium V

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with all composite resin materials
  • Indicated for bonding of posts, cores, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
  • Cures without a light, can be used for all indirect procedures
  • Better adhesion
  • Non-acetone, non-alcohol formulation

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