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Knit-Pak Retraction Cord

Knit-Pak Retraction Cord



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Knitted Retraction Cord, Non-impregnated

Knit-Pak is ideal to use in combination with Hemodent hemostatic agent or Traxodent for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression. The knitted cord contains numerous interlocking chains that carry greater quantities of hemostatic solution compared to twisted or braided cord. Knit-Pak easily packs into sulcus by compacting under pressure. It will not fray and resists popping out of the sulcus. If touched by a bur, Knit-Pak will cut clean and not get entangled.

Features & Benefits:

  • Knit-Pak’s 6 different sizes are color coded for quick and easy identification.
  • Each Knit-Pak contains 100 inches (254 cm) of cord.
  • Knit-Pak gingival retraction cord is a non-impregnated knitted cord made from 100% cotton.

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