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FG7404 Premium Carbide Burs, 10/Pkg

FG7404 Premium Carbide Burs, 10/Pkg

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FG7404 Premium Carbide Burs, 10/Pkg

Carbide burs are made from the highest quality grade tungsten carbide. They are designed, manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability. Our advanced manufacturing techniques, unique construction methods and state of the art Swiss-made machinery combine to deliver a superior quality bur. The tungsten carbide burs are engineered to cut more effectively, with greater blade contact on the tooth surface and reduced risk of chipping or breakage. The design ensures a fast smooth vibration free performance reducing patient discomfort as well as operating time. An important element of every bur is the brazing technique. The burs are brazed in the neck as opposed to the base of the head. With 100% carbide neck delivering optimum concentricity and strength. The shank of each bur is made from stainless steel allowing every bur to be autoclaved multiple times if required without risk of corrosion.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality grade tungsten carbide
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Carbide neck delivers optimum concentricity and strength

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