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CX-Plus Glaslonomer Cement Kit

CX-Plus Glaslonomer Cement Kit



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CX-Plus GlasIonomer Type I Luting Cement has a prolonged working time; 4 minutes and 10 seconds from start of mixing. It also has a high resistance to compression 149 MPa compared with competitive cements. The low film thickness; 15 microns optimizes the marginal integrity. CX-Plus bonds to dentin and enamel to provide an excellent marginal seal to overcome post-operative sensitivity.


Cement Kit: 35 g Powder, 17 ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Spatula, Dispenser


Triple Kit: 3 x 35 G Powder, 3 x 17 ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Spatula, Dispenser

Features and Benefits

  • High Fluoride Release
  • Low Level of Acid Erosion
  • High Level of Radiopacity
  • 3 Year Shelf Life

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