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Clearfil Majesty Flow Needle Tip, 20, kuraray #1015KA

Clearfil Majesty Flow Needle Tip, 20, kuraray #1015KA

Kuraray America


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Clearfil Majesty Flow is a flowable, superfilled, light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite resin with the filler particles treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology. The resulting resin matrix is reinforced with an extremely high filler loading of 81wt%, a loading similar to many universal composite resins. In addition to the high filler loading, Clearfil Majesty Flow has a low viscosity for good handling and easy placement.

Features and Benefits

  • Exhibits High Mechanical Properties, Strength, Wear Resistance and Durability
  • High Radiopacity and Very Low Polymerization Shrinkage
  • Versatile Product with Multiple Uses Including as a Universal Composite Resin (e.g. Class I, II)
  • Excellent Consistency, Not Runny or Sticky

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