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Kuraray Clearfil DC Activator, 4mL

Kuraray Clearfil DC Activator, 4mL

Kuraray America


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Kuraray Clearfil DC Activator is a dual-cure catalyst that contains alcohol, initiators and unique, advanced catalysts. It’s indicated for use with Clearfil SE BOND 2, Clearfil SE Protect and Clearfil Universal Bond Quick.
When mixed with the bond/adhesive from these systems they become dual-cure, truly universal adhesives with low film-thickness and high self-cure bond strength.

This unique combination provides a simple, universal solution for all of your direct, indirect and core build-up restorations.


  • Shear Bond Strength to Wet and Dry Dentin
  • Short Application Time
  • Controlled, Precise Application with K-Etchant Syringe

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