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CLEANLETS Tartar and Stain Tablets 32/box

CLEANLETS Tartar and Stain Tablets 32/box

Sultan Health Care


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Every Cleanlets ultrasonic tablet provides quick, effective cleaning in a single dose. The patented technology gives you highly concentrated cleaners that are safe and effortless to use. The effervescent formula makes mixing easy and automatic. Its unique blister packaging makes Cleanlets a snap to dispense. The General Purpose tablets have excellent cleaning properties that last all day. It easily removes common soils such as blood, tissue, plaster, pumice, buffing compounds. The Tartar and Stain tablets removes calculus, tartar, tobacco and food stains and is used in an ultrasonic beaker for dentures, bridges and appliances.

Features and Benefits

  • No need to use messy liquids
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Effervescent formula

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