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Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Spray

Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Spray



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Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Spray

Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Spray is a fast-acting, long-lasting prescription topical anesthetic that permits direct application to the required site. Cetacaine Spray’s triple-active formula (Benzocaine 14.0 %, Butamben 2.0 %, Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2.0 %) is indicated for suppressing the gag reflex, controlling pain and easing discomfort during dental and medical procedures. Every bottle of Cetacaine Spray includes one medical-grade, autoclavable, stainless steel cannula tip. It is malleable, so it can be modified to accommodate anatomical requirements or procedures. A quick 1-second spray Cetacaine Spray delivers a single dose of mild-banana-flavored Cetacaine, that lasts 30-60 minutes. The 20g bottle contains 42 one-second doses. Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Spray is indicated for uses on all accessible mucosal membrane except the eyes

Cetacaine is not for injection. Cetacaine is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to anesthetics. Cetacaine should not be used in patients with congenital or idiopathic methemoglobinemia.

  • Cetacaine is the only Rx topical anesthetic spray indicated for gag reflex suppression
  • Cetacaine provides a rapid 30 second onset and 30-60 minute duration
  • Cetacaine’s combination of active ingredients is proven more effective than Benzocaine alone*

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