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Cetacaine Topical Liquid Anesthetic

Cetacaine Topical Liquid Anesthetic



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Cetacaine Topical Liquid Anesthetic

Cetacaine Liquid is available in both a 11g and 24g bottle size and each bottle also includes a special luer-lock dispensing cap, used for filling luer-lock syringes with just amount of Cetacaine Liquid needed for treatment, reducing waste. For dental procedures, such as SRP, Cetacaine Liquid can be comfortably dispensed into periodontal pockets for up to 60 minutes of needle-free pain control. The viscous liquid is easy to control using Cetylite’s single-use Delivery Syringes and Tips (available separately) to a comfortably apply Cetacaine Liquid drop by drop into periodontal pockets, or by applying to the surface of mucous membrane with a cotton swab or microbrush. Cetacaine’s three active ingredient formula has been actively prescribed for professional use in dental and medical settings for more than 50 years, an assurance of its efficacy and Cetylite’s uncompromising commitment to patient safety and comfort. 

Cetacaine is not for injection. Cetacaine is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to anesthetics. Cetacaine should not be used in patients with congenital or idiopathic methemoglobinemia.

  • Cetacaine Liquid is also available in kits.
  • Dispenser cap is compatible for use with Luer-lock syringes
  • Onset of anesthesia is rapid (approximately 30 seconds) and duration is typically 30-60 minutes when used as directed

  • Pleasant artificial banana taste

  • Measure and use only what you need - less waste


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