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BeautiSealant Needle Tips 27g - 50/pkg

BeautiSealant Needle Tips 27g - 50/pkg



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BeautiSealant is BPA and HEMA-free with dual adhesive monomers that thoroughly penetrate and prepare pits and fissures for bonding to the sealant. Unlike traditional sealants which require phosphoric acid etching, demineralizing and dehydrating healthy teeth, Shofu's self-etching primer is significantly less acidic helping to preserve healthy tooth structure. It is an easy to apply sealant optimized for smooth, bubble-free consistency. You will achieve precise delivery of up to 100 teeth sealed with the 1.2 gram syringe made possible by a specially designed noooze/no-waste syringe, and a fine gauge needle tip.


System: 1.2 g Paste, 3 ml Primer, 15 Needle Tips, 50 Fine Microbrush Fine, 25 V-Dish

Features and Benefits

  • High shear bond strength without phosphoric acid etch
  • Ideal handling and viscosity
  • Radiopacity equal to dentin
  • BPA and HEMA free

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