ProTector Needle Sheath Prop


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Pro Tector Needle Sheath Prop is a disposable card to hold the cap of a needle for safe one-handed recapping of the needle between injections of anesthetic


  • Promotes safe one-handed technique recommended by OSHA and the CDC when multiple injections on the same patient require re-capping of anesthetic needle between injections
  • Indicated when using a traditional reusable syringe and needle with cap
  • Provides barrier for additional safety while disassembling the syringe and needle after procedure
  • Provides a visible reminder and target as it secures cap on tray
  • Reduce worry and risk of expensive needle stick injuries
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable single use to ensure asepsis
  • Replaces other cap holders that require cleaning and reprocessing
  • Protects during disassembly.
  • Autoclavable when preparing surgical procedure packs
  • The reliable needle safety device used by U.S. dental schools and military clinics

100/Box, 500/Box


Cretol International