Taking Advantage of the “Favorites” List

Jack B

Jack B

Taking Advantage of the “Favorites” List

Perhaps you manage multiple locations and want to maintain a consistent budget for your offices. Or maybe your doctor is keen on a specific item and won’t use any other. A favorites list ensures that your staff is ordering the same items, leading to a balanced budget and happy doctors.


Using the favorites list allows you to create the ideal list for you and your company and saves you from spending your valuable time browsing through the whole website in order to find what you’re looking for.

Creating a list built for you

Depending on what works best for you, you can build your own favorites list from items you find throughout the website, or if you would prefer, you can contact us to have your favorites list curated by our supply’s experts.


To contact us, click on the link that is provided on the favorites page. Within the form that pops up from the link, you can choose from several options to help us tailor your list to your specific needs: whether you have ordered from us in the past, products of interest, and your preferred price range. Selecting the options that pertain to you and your business helps ensure that you will receive a favorites list that is as personalized and efficient as possible. This form also allows you to easily request a price comparison.

Using your list

The next time you need to place an order with us, pull up your favorites list, add the quantities of your desired items to “add to your cart”, and you can then add all of them at once with just one simple click of a button.


If you don’t see an item on your favorites list that you would like added, just use the site’s search functions to find the product to be added, and then click on the heart in the product’s image box. You will then be prompted to select the list that you want the item added to. The next time you bring up your favorites list, the items you added will be right there, ready to order. If you wish, you may also call or email us noting the desired product, and we will add it for you.


Trying to remove an item that you no longer wish to order? From within the favorites list, click on the red “X” next to the item you want to remove.


To further streamline the ordering process, you can create and name multiple lists to organize the supplies that you purchase by procedure or storage location (or any other way that works for you!). This way you can take a glance at your upcoming schedule or look in your storage areas and immediately know what you need to order and the quantity of those items.


Once your favorites list is optimized and contains only the items that you order from month to month, you will find that the amount of time spent on procurement is drastically reduced-  giving you more time to devote to other areas of your business.


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