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Supply Doc Reward Points

  • Earn 2% on all online purchases made at
  • Redeem your reward points towards future supplies purchases

How to earn points?

  • Earn points at the rate of 2% of the pre-tax purchase price of your order
  • Only whole number points are awarded
  • Must spend at least $50/order to earn reward points
  • Whole Reward Points awarded for $51 over each hundred (e.g. $951 order = 20 Reward Points, $950 = 19 Reward Points)

How to redeem Reward Points?

  • Create your order as you normally would
  • Along the top of your cart, banner will display points available to redeem and dollar value of discount (1 Point = $1)
  • Click “Apply Discount”
  • Discount will appear under subtotals as “Points Redemption”