Save Money and Time With The Supply Doc Favorites List

Supply Doc’s Favorites List Features & Benefits

  • Create lists of supplies your dental practice typically orders
  • Need more than one list? No problem, create as many as you need!
  • No limit on how many items can be added to any Supply Doc Favorites List
  • Curate lists to match unique needs of your practice, location, or by types of procedures

Favorites Lists are easy to set up!

  • Setting up a Supply Doc Favorites List is easy, check out the video below or…
  • Need help setting up or curating your Favorites Lists, just call us! We are glad to help set your lists up!
  • Once your Favorites Lists are set up, dental practices save time when re-ordering supplies!
  • You can even create “Things I want to order in the future”.

Supply Doc Favorites Lists Save Time and Money!

  • Favorites List makes re-ordering fast!
  • A Favorites List helps you keep track of products you are interested in ordering!
  • You can customize several Favorites List!
  • Favorites List don’t cost anything to use, it is a free feature we offer our clients.