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Supply Doc Patient Bibs

Supply Doc Patient Bibs

Supply Doc


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Supply Doc Patient Bibs, 500/Pkg

A unique bond of layers of tissue and poly that eliminates separation and provides strength and durability to protect patient clothing.

3-Ply (2-Ply Paper, 1-Ply Poly) Patient Bibs are made with a soft bottom layer of 2 ply medical grade paper and a top 1 ply layer of water resistant poly to ensure patient comfort and protection from moisture seep-through during dental procedures.  These high quality, budget-friendly bibs are a great choice for protecting patients in your dental office.

At a generous 13″W x 18″H size they are perfect for child and adult patients alike. They can also be used to cover unused equipment during procedures, offering protection against contaminants, maintaining sterility and cutting down on clean up time between patients.  Also Ideal for use in medical offices and tattoo parlors.


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