EZ9PLUS Sterilizer




The EZ9Plus model boasts several key features, including the newly designed EZGlide self-locking door, which is ergonomically friendly and can be opened and closed effortlessly. The EZView multicolor display screen is easy to read, even from a distance. If a cycle is not running, the operator can scroll through the EZPad keys—while the door is open—to select a program and review all program parameters. During a running cycle, EZView shows not only the actual temperature and pressure in the chamber, but also each stage of the cycle. As the color wheel moves, the colors change for each stage. The convenient EZFill water reservoir can be filled with distilled water from either the top of the unit or through the front-fill funnel located inside the door.

Overall Dimensions:  24.8”x19.1”x15.1”

Chamber Dimensions: 9”x19.8”

Load Type Temp. Sterlization
Drying Time* Cycle Time
without drying
Cycle Time
with drying
Unwrapped instruments 270 F 3 min. 1 min. 23 min. 24 min.
Wrapped instruments 270 F 4 min. 30 min. 21 min. 51 min.
Unwrapped delicate instruments 250 F 30 min. 1 min. 46 min. 47 min.
Handpieces 270 F 4 min. 30 min. 25 min. 55 min.
Chamber Brite Cleaning 270 F 3 min. N/A 20 min. N/A
Custom A** 270 F 4 min. 30 min. 24 min. 54 min.
Custom B** 250 F 30 min. 1 min. 43 min. 44 min.

* Operator has the option to add additional drying time. ** Custom A and Custom B programs are not FDA cleared. It is the users responsibility to validate any Custom cycles. NOTE: cycle times are approximate and may vary depending on instrument loads.


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