Op-d-op II Adjustable Visor Shield Kit, White

SKU: 095-355DK-WT


The Op-D-Op II is fully adjustable with the push of a button. Extra-wide air vent for maximum air flow, flexible ski arms to eliminate pressure points and a tinted mini-shield to reduce overhead glare. There is more space between your face and the shield. The shield fits over glasses, loupes and lights. Designed by health care professionals, FOR health care professionals, Op-d-op Face Shields are the only face shields designed with you in mind so you can quit worrying about your personal protective equipment (PPE) and get back to focusing on your patients.

Kit Contents: 1 Visor, 3 Shields, 1 Mini Shield and 1 Light Cure Shield

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your face from splash, splatter and spray
  • Wear with glasses, loupes, lights and masks
  • Work safely, comfortably and confidently
  • Reusable
  • Replaceable shields and foam bumpers
  • Tinted mini shields are available for Op-D-Op II Visor


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