Extra-Oral Aerosol Vacuum Machine


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Extra-Oral Aerosol Vacuum Machine
Removes High Volume of Droplets & Aerosols Produced During Treatment (Droplets, Aerosols, Virus, Blood, Dust)
Before Use: In the progress of treatment, high volumes of droplets and aerosols produced by high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scaler affect dentist’s health and safety.
After Use: ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System removes the droplets and aerosols from the origin, killing the chance of attaching to the dentist’s bodies during treatment.

Ultrastrong Suction Power –
Ultrastrong Iron Heart: Wisely selected the motor from reliable brand, which includes the various advantage such as negative voltage, high volume, minimal noise, long-life use, as well as the suction power is the tenfold of the central negative voltage.

Excellent Aerodynamics Design –
Rear-mounted Exhaust Design: Raised dust avoidance, effective suction assurance, patient comfort guarantee, minimal noise, and the air-tightness of independent R&D will prevent dirty air from leaking.

Medical Grade Filtration System –
HEPA Filtration System: 3 Layers of HEPA filtration system, stopping virus and germs ≥0.3µm with 99.995% efficiency.
Precise Water Vapor Filtration: Ensure dry water in the inner equipment and suction outlet.
Medical Grade UV Light Disinfectant System: Killing all the virus and germs in the filter.
Digitized and Intelligent Technology –
Filter Life reminder: Display the rest life and expiration replacement reminder of the filter intelligently.
Precise Control System: 10 levels of suction power adjustment, digitized display screen. Dual-use per equipment: 1-3 level is the mode of air purification, 4-10 level is the mode of droplets & aerosols removal.

2 Autoclavable nose hoods supplied per unit

Mode: SP1000
Voltage: AC110V
Power: 1200W
Maximum Suction Power: 10Kpa (10 level adjustment); 105 CFM
Maximum Volume: 3000L/Min
The Sense & Control System: 3 Layers HEPA Filtration System
Noise Decibel: 58db
Arm Reach: 52″
Unit Size: 10.8″ x 10.8″ x 38.6″ H
Weight: 61.7 lbs

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