CaviWipes HP

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Product description

CaviWipes HP

CaviWipes HP is the newest member of the trusted CaviWipes family providing a fast 1-minute universal contact time from an alcohol-free hydrogen peroxide formulation that fully qualifies for the EPA’s rigorous Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim on EPA List N1. The High Performance disinfection protocol offered by CaviWipes HP protects both patients and staff.

Features & Benefits: 

  • One minute kill time
  • Alcohol-Free
    • Hydrogen Peroxide based
  • In addition to providing effective disinfection against all 67 listed pathogen including MDRO’s, CaviWipes HP is qualified for the EPA’s rigorous Emerging Viral Pathogen claim, protecting you against future pathogens as well.
  • 160 count

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