The Dentist’s Dilemma: Getting Dental Supplies During the Pandemic

Amin A

Amin A

To say that our lives have been affected by the Covid-19 is an understatement. Aside from the devastating fact that millions have been infected and thousands of lives have been taken, Covid-19 made the world stop. The economy is halted. Schools are closed. Social life is non-existent. 


Wherever you are on this planet, life seemed to have hit a giant pause button due to the pandemic. Not only did it affect people’s daily lives, but it also affected the way the world works. Suddenly, everything is more difficult nowadays. It is harder to do your grocery run. It is harder to accomplish your workload. It is harder to seek medical and dental attention. 


As the pandemic continues to rage on, it is now affecting fields that are not easily bothered before – case in point, dentistry, and the dental supply chain.


Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why this happened: 

Lockdowns in place

One of the contributing factors why supplies are hard to obtain is the widespread lockdown across the United States and the world. For one, not all areas are serviceable by the already scarce dental supply companies. The lockdown made it more challenging to transport and deliver supplies to countless dental clinics. Similar to what is happening with the medical supply industry, the dental community faces many supply distribution restrictions due to the varying State protocols. Many district authorities do not immediately recognize the urgency needed in the medical and dental supply chain. Deliveries were held and postponed, resulting in the lack of supplies in many States. 

Scarcity of dental and protective supplies

Masks are all the rage right now. It is a scientifically proven way of curbing the effects of Covid-19. Therefore, everyone needs it. It is the first line of defense against the novel coronavirus. Frontliners in the medical field and the service industry have such a high demand for masks. As a result, the supplies dwindle fast. In the early onset of the pandemic, masks and gloves became high-value commodities. Prices shoot up exponentially. The dental industry felt the impact of this occurrence. Masks and gloves are essential items to dental practitioners. Since some particular supplies are hard to obtain, some dental clinics stopped operations altogether. 


Another issue faced by the dental community is the short supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). With the presence of the virus, close contact is dangerous with the necessary protective gear. So with the lack of these PPEs, some dentists decide not to accept appointments to protect themselves. 

Finding a trusted supplier

Admittedly, finding a supplier you can trust these days is challenging. But it is not impossible! As practitioners in the dental field, extra caution must be observed to ensure you are procuring only quality materials for your clinic. Scour through the internet and do thorough research before entering into a deal. Look for suppliers with years of experience and with a solid reputation in the supply chain.

Fewer clients to service

Due to the stay-at-home orders imposed on many States, people have been postponing dental appointments. Some opt to do teledentistry. Others resort to DIY – such as pulling their teeth or just taking pain medicines. The demand for dentists has also been declining in some areas. In effect, dental supply companies have also been suffering. When there is no dentist, there is also no need for supplies. If the situation continues, many suppliers will inevitably experience more loss, or worse, shutdowns. The moment this happens, the remaining suppliers will have to work harder and price their products higher to keep up when the demand comes back. 

Rise of subpar products

One more issue faced by the dental community is the rise of subpar products. Before Covid-19 happened, medical and dental supplies were made carefully. Other factories rush their production timelines to keep up with demand, leading to inferior quality and substandard materials. The use of these items must be avoided at all costs. Dentistry, like medicine, is imbued with public interest and safety. It must be practiced in compliance with the regulations in place.  

Preparations for re-opening

With high hopes, life will be back to normal sooner rather than later. It means that people from lockdown, who have been suffering from dental issues, will start flocking dentists and clinics. For dental practitioners, there is a need to prepare for this upcoming surge. Demand will inevitably rise again, and many will compete for the first dibs on the supplies. 

A Final Word About Getting Dental Supplies During The Pandemic

If you are a dental practitioner in need of supplies and equipment, you might want to check out Supply Doc.

Our company has been around since 2009. We have more than a decade of experience in providing dental clinics with the highest quality materials. Our company carries over 300 brands and suppliers (3M ESPE, Septodont, Coltene WhaleDent, Kuraray America, Oral-B, DMG America, Johnson & Johnson, Sultan HealthCare, Crosstex, Star Dental, Bien Air, Shofu, SciCan, Belmont, Forest Dental, J-Morita, Vatech, TechWest, Danville Material, PulpDent, SDI and many more) so you can take your pick on what works for you. We have built a strong foundation in the industry, bringing in more and more clients year after year. 


We recognize the problems faces by the dental field today, and we are here to cushion the blow. Our steady supply of materials will allow you to practice dental medicine with peace of mind. Indeed, the Covid-19 came like a true force of nature, but we will face it together! 


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