Building a Favorites List

Get Started with a Supply Doc Favorites List

Watch the video, for a quick “how to.”

Need Help with first time setup? Our team can setup your list for you, give our team a call and we will be happy to assist you  877-311-7373

Once your favorites list is set up enjoy the benefits of easy re-ordering. 

Save Time & Money

Create one or many lists of dental supplies your dental practice regularly orders. Our favorite list feature offers, No Limitations, to the number of products added. You can curate lists to match your dental practice’s needs, whether you’re considering location with DSO Groups or specialty. When it comes time to order, your favorites list habits easy reordering and saves you time. 

Our favorites lists can make the process of reordering fast. You can customize multiple favorites lists to match the needs of various locations. Plus, our favorites list is FREE. It’s a feature that comes with an account setup.