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Icon-Promixal Kit

Icon-Promixal Kit


Icon Proximal Mini Kit

Until now, dentists have had two basic choices in the treatment of incipient caries, other than "wait and see":

  • Fluoride therapy, though it is not always effective in the advanced stages.
  • Fill, though it almost always sacrifices a significant amount of healthy tooth structure.


End the "wait and see" approach! Icon presents an entirely new treatment option for smooth surface and proximal caries not yet advanced enough for restoration-a caries infiltrant.

This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel in one simple procedure without drilling or anesthesia. Icon can arrest the progress of early enamel lesions up to the first third of dentin-without the unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure.

  • Provides an immediate treatment option for incipient caries that are beyond preventive therapies, but too small for restorative treatment.
  • Removes carious white spot lesions.
  • Not minimally invasive-micro-invasive!
  • Beneficial to patients and your practice!


Icon Proximal Mini Kit with two Proximal Patient Packs. Each pack treats two lesions and includes:

  • (1) 0.30ml syringe of Icon-Etch.
  • (1) 0.45ml syringe of Icon-Dry.
  • (1) 0.45ml syringe of Icon-Infiltrant.
  • (6) proximal surface tips.
  • (4) dental wedges.

  • Price: $175.99
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