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MI Paste

MI Paste


GC MI Paste is a topical tooth creme that helps strengthen and rejuvenate the patient’s teeth. The creme binds calcium and phosphate to the tooth surfaces, plaque and surrounding soft tissue. MI Paste contains recaldent (CPP-ACP) which helps to replace lost minerals in the teeth. 

Features and Benefits: 
• Contains Recaldent (CPP-ACP) 
• Protects teeth from decay and erosion 
• Strengthens tooth enamel 
• Reverses white spot lesions 
• Reduces sensitivity 

Assorted: 10 x 40 g Tubes (2 Tubes of each Melon, Mint, Strawberry, Tutti-Frutti and Vanilla)

  • Price: $160.99 - 191.99
Product Name Product SKU Price Qty
MI Paste Mint Flavor 40 g 210-3679 $191.99
MI Paste Plus Assorted Flavor 40g 810-2614 $191.99
MI Paste Strawberry Flavor 40 g 210-2614 $160.99