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Aura Bulk Fill

Aura Bulk Fill


Aura Bulk Fill 

SDI-Southern Dental

Aura is the new composite restorative system that produces life-like restoration with ease. Based on the natural make-up and colors of enamel and dentin, Aura is the result of five years collaboration with international composite materials and tooth restoration experts. 
Aura combines a new low shrinkage resin composition with a unique morphology of Ultra High Density (UHD) filler which provides an extremely high strength interface that can withstand high compressive forces. This is coupled with an enamel shade range made from microfilled pre-polymerized particles for easy polishing and sculpting. 

Since the overall color of the tooth is determined by the dentin, not the enamel the dentin plays a major role in determining the overall tooth color. Aura is the first bio mimetic shading system for composite and is designed to simplify shade matching for busy clinicians. Aura also meets the needs of doctors looking for bulk fill options with our Multipurpose Chromo shades that can be cured up to depth of 4mm and our Aura Bulk Fill which can be cured up to 6mm. 

Features and Benefits: 
• Non-sticky – less uncured resin is used, creamy handling 
• Easy to polish to mirror finish 
• Large particles (60 microns) = high filler loading & strength 
• Low flexural modulus (big bonus); better fracture resistance, less stress at composite interface means less debonding 
• Lower polymerization shrinkage 

Aura Master Introductory Kit – Complets- 24-0.2g complets (E1, E2, E3), 24-0.25g complets (Db, DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4, DC5, DC6, DC7), 
2-AURA MASTER SHADE GUIDE, 1-complet applicator, 3-0.25g complete (bulk fill) 

Aura Complet Starter Kit – Light contains: 60-0.25g complets (DC1, DC2, DC4), 20-0.2g complets (E2), 1-AURA LIGHT SHADE GUIDE, 

Aura Complet Starter Kit – Medium contains - 60-0.25g complets (DC1, DC3, DC5), 20-0.2g complets (E2), 1-AURA MEDIUM SHADE GUIDE 
Aura Complet Multipurpose Kit contains - 80-0.25g complets (MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5), 1-AURA MULTI CHROMA SHADE GUIDE

  • Price: $119.99
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Aura Bulk Fill 20 x .25g Universal 055-5012 $119.99