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Product Name :

TempoSIL 2

Manufacturer :

Coltene Whaledent

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TempoSIL 2 is a unique addition-cured silicone based zinc oxide temporary cement with a silane agent for optimal adhesion and superior marginal integrity. This formula produces a firm, yet elastic temporary cement that can be easily peeled off the tissue and out of the restoration. The convenient automix syringe with Oral Tip applicator provides a fast, instrument free application. 

Features and Benefits: 
• Effortless Clean Up 
• Fast Setting Time 

Trial Package: 5 ml Dentin, 5 ml White, 15 Mixing Tips with Attached Oral Tips

  • Price: $59.99
Product Name Product SKU Price Qty
TempoSIL Hand Mix Syringe Kit - Dentin 910-6727 $59.99
TempoSIL Hand Mix Syringe Kit - White 910-6729 $59.99